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Ergonomics has been widely applied to furniture design ,furniture production,furniture assembling and furniture displaying both in home furniture industry and hotel furniture industry.

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Furniture Design Principle For Hospitality Furniture and Home Furniture

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      Furniture evolves from the earliest clumsy furniture to current lightweight comfort,which interpretates the development of furniture design,human intelligence,application of intelligent ergonomics.After tens of development,the technique is very mature with very high popularity rate.Furniture has become the symbol of comfortable house.And the categories for furniture have expanded to many types including home furniture, hotel furniture and other commercial furniture.At present,the the concept of ergonomics has become one of the first factors for furniture design.Then what is ergonomics?What is the theory of the ergonomics?How is the ergonomics applied to furniture?

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     The Three Trends of Furniture Design

     With the development to times,furniture design is endowed  with more themes.Simple application can’t satisfy the public.The trend of intelligence,green,creation is coming.

     First is the trend of intelligence.With the development of new times and the changes of lifestyle,people are more and more concerned about the convenience and comfort.Some intelligent furniture is spring up.Some furniture with intelligent design brings people convenience and service,which are obvious to all.

     Second is the trend of Green.Green is one of the current important tasks.Each country is calling for green consumption to realize zero pollution.In the strict protection of original ecology,starting from the green concept,furniture design need design and produce green furniture which meets environmental requirements.

      Third is the trend of innovation.How to design furniture that can meet human’s space requirements and how to realize high efficient and intelligent development and how to realize human brain synchronization are still a big problem.Through the current trend of furniture design,it is not difficult to find that people’s life and work can’t be separated from the innovation,the trend of innovation is imperative,which need further exploration and research.

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      Ergonomics have become important factors.

      According to the statistics of European experts,the time that most members of society consume accounts for two thirds of a full day,from which we can find that furniture has a so close relationship with human being.On the basis of studying human,object,environment carefully,ergonomics takes the human using the ‘objects’ ,the designed objects and the environment in which human and object stay as system and study it.In this system,the interaction and interdependence among them  human,object and environment interact with each other determine the performance of this system.Ergonomics makes use of the organic relationship scientifically to find the best parameters of the system.

      To make furniture more comfortable and serve human better,ergonomics theory must be put into use and design furniture scientifically.When designing furniture,what ergonomics need to solve are not only the technique problems of design,but also from the angle of how to suit people how to make design more reasonable and suitable for human’s psychology and physiology and maximize the users’ comfort,safety,reliability and improve the efficiency of rest and work to make the important links in the system where people use furniture harmonious and make users’ physiology,equipment and surroundings in best conditions.

        So at present,ergonomics is paid more and more attention.When government purchase furniture,ergonomics is added to technique requirement.

        Furniture design can’t be separated from the ergonomics

      Modern furniture specially emphasizes the combination with ergonomics.Furniture design should endow furniture with use function,but also comfort.The application of ergonomics to furniture design is for that.

       Right Size Brings comfort

        When designing furniture,designer give priority to size.First designer should understand the size of human body,then design according to the size of each part of human body.Thus,the designed indoor space make people who stay inside comfortable.Real ergonomics need pay attention to the detail design of each part.Foreign famous design master pay a lot of attention to detail.In their opinion,several millimeters gap will result in different comfort.To hotel furniture manufacturers,the space where the furniture is put in should be considered.

         Color And Shape Varies From Person To Person

       The color,shape and material are also very important issues in furniture design.All these involves the feelings of physiology and psychology.Among them, the feelings of psychology is more important.The bedroom furniture for elder should be dignified,elegant,deep color with rich pattern and the warmness should be considered.The bedroom furniture for youth should be simple, light,bright color with beautiful decoration.The bedroom furniture in the children’s room should bear jumping color,small and round shape with any sharp corners and leave the children enough activity room.In terms of shape design in the interior space,material combination,texture,pattern,color and others,human’s psychology should be considered more.The hard or soft material,warm or cold color ,simple or complicated decoration and so on will lead to strong psychological response.

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 The Four Big Rule of Ergonomics

      Judging if a piece of furniture is successful,whether it is home furniture or hotel furniture,the application of ergonomics is one of the most important factors.If furniture design does not conform to the standard of ergonomics,,then this piece of furniture loses the meaning of existence.

        The Rule of People Oriented

     Humanization design idea of people oriented means that the design principle of people oriented should be reflected in the furniture design and that the center of furniture design should be always around the users’ needs so that the furniture full of humanity can be designed after scientifically understanding people’s physiological character and features in behavior,psychology and visual perception and others according to ergonomics,environmental psychology,aesthetics psychology and other sciences.The humanization design of furniture design mainly refers to the humanization of function,size,shape,material,color and so on.In terms of furniture, the most important is the practicality,giving up those functions flashy without any substance just for displaying and mainly emphasizing the practicality,convenience and humanization.

        Rule of Reliability

       Among all the performance index, all the equipment in the furniture design system,the safety should be put in the first place.The safety and reliability of the design system should be paid high attention.The system should be reliable and at the same time,it should conforms to the relative safety standard of furniture design and work effectively under normal condition ensuring furniture design system can function normally.Furniture from Custom home furniture manufacturers must be safe.

        The Rule of Standard

        The furniture design should be carried out according to relative standard of design,ensuring the standardization of design by adopting standard parameters of ergonomics and guarantee different furniture designs have different standards and the furniture conforms to the standards of each departments.Especially hotel furniture manufacturers must meet national standards of the destination countries.

       Rule of Convenience

       Ergonomics should be followed and at the same time,the location of furniture in the room should be considered and the convenience should be reflected.When designing furniture, weather it is home furniture or hotel furniture,designer should consider the convenience of installation and maintenance.Storage cabinet should be convenient and orderly for placing and taking objects.When installing or placing furniture in the room of elder and children,the rule of convenience should be fully considered.

       Furniture design system should bear full reliability,progressiveness and certain flexibility,which fully meet the house space needs of new times.This can be also applied to hospitality furniture factories and home furniture factories.

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