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  Founded in 2001, Artech workshop initially functioned in customized furniture for high end customers.Artech main business was involved in villa furniture and furniture for sample apartment room of real estate companies. With China fast speed of real estate development, Artech grows very fast and got involved more and more in hotel furniture and club furniture.

  In 2005,our factory Shangjie Furniture manufacture factory was set up,which mainly produce furniture for sample house,villa and club. In 2007,new facotry Shangdian Furniture manufacture factory was set up mainly producing high ends hotel furniture. In 2008,Shangjie factory merged into Shangdian factory.Also since 2008, we started our activities outside of China.This year Korea office was opened  in Korea. In 2010, Artech Furniture Group Co.,Ltd was set up.Shangdian factory and Shangjie factory became subsidiary factory of Artech Furniture Group Co.,Ltd.At same time, to form our own brand, we register ARTECH as our own brand.

   Artech, combination of Art and Tech.Art means,products should bear beauty inside.It should bring aesthetic experience to customer besides good quality. Tech means products will be made with high technology by good master with good technique.Art unites Tech, that is Artech.Artech focus on the combination of Tech and  Art,produce high end hotel furniture,custom home furniture and other commercial furniture

    Shangdian now is one factory specializing in designing ,developing ,and production of all kinds of custom hotel furniture, custom home furniture  and other custom commercial furniture.Now factory area is around 15000 square meter with  around 100 workers.    

     One must first sharpen one’s tools before doing good job.We introduce good machine from Italy and Germany .These machine helps a lot in producing excellent quality products.   Good management is the survival base.We set up sound strict quality controlling system including purchasing ,production procedure,product packing and so on.We can prevent problems in advance before making mistake.In addition, we have good after service system ,which can help our customers to solve the problems after using for some time.    Human resources is the first productivity.To high skilled workers, we furnish better well-being than average.To make full use of the human resource, we do pre-job training strictly.We build one good platform for communication among workers.Workers benefits a lot from this.    Until now we have exported our products hotel furniture,custom home furniture and commercial furniture  to many countries such as Holland, France, Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, China and etc., letting people of different countries enjoy the fruit of ARTECH spirit.

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Here we publish updated world wide furniture news ,especiall news about China hotel furniture factory and China ...

November 08,2017

Artech Join the Introduction Meeting of the pinnacle awards Asia Pacific

In May 26,2017,The introduction meeting of CIFF-Pinnacle Awards Asia Pacific was held in Longjiang Town of Foshan City,which is called Main furniture Towns,Captical city of China Furniture Materail,China E comm...
November 08,2017

The Ritz-Carlton will lanch 46 new hotel projects worldwide

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is world famous hotel brand.With the strong growth of tourism in the past ten years,it accumulates a lot of wealth.Now company make new decisions that 46 new high end hotel will be launched this yea...
November 08,2017

New Retail Brings New Opportunity To Custom Furniture Factory 

To furniture industry,2017 first half year looks busy and colorful.Looking back at the first half year,in the face of multiple pressure from stricter environment policy of national and local government and more serious competition...
November 08,2017

What is the difference beween CIFF and CIEF?

Many people are confused about CIFF and CIEF.Now let's figure out what is the difference between them. CIFF's full name is China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou).From 2015,it have been held in Guangzhou ...
November 08,2017

The 41th China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou)

CIFF is very important Furniture Fair ,which is playing a leading role in China furniture Circle.Each year, it is held two times, one is in Guangzhou in Spring and the other is held in Autumn in Shanghai.
November 08,2017

Furniture Industry Transformation from Oil to Water

To solve many problems encountered during industry transformation from ‘oil to water’,in July 17,uniting China Water Paint Strategic Alliance ,China Water Paint Research Institute published first water paint industry d...
November 08,2017

Custom Furniture Factories is Experiencding Transformation

Like a galloping wild horse, the past ten years is the "golden age" of the barbaric growth of China custom furniture factory. It takes just a dozen years for custom furniture to become a standard configuration for a new generatio...
November 08,2017

The trend of Future Furniture

In the furniture market suffusing a rise, the national building materials index rose 15.51 percentage. Industry insiders said that the price increase would eliminate a number of low end enterprises.In addition, real estate growth is...
November 08,2017

First China(Dongguan) International Home Furnishing Exhibition

The First China(Dongguan) International Custom Home Exhibition were officially kicked off in the exhibition center of Houjie town.It was reported that the exhibition area is 45,000 square meters,among which Hall 1 is boutiq...
November 08,2017

Seven Trends in Furniture Circle

Trend ,has been the object that been pursued by all walks of life.Because in many cases,following the right trend means right direction,thus,not far away from the golden destination.In this article ,combining his practices and view...
November 09,2017

How far ‘Two Fairs,One City’ Can Go

‘Two Fairs in One City’ means crowd diversion.Qingdao Puluosi Furniture Co.,ltd ,who produces wooden furniture and metal dining table and dining chair ever attended Shanghai Furniture Fair many times.The general manag...
November 10,2017

The 40th China(Shanghai) Furniture Fair Has Perfectly Ended

China Furniture Fair have been already 20 years old.It has several branches:China(Shanghai) Furniture Fair,China(Guangzhou )Furniture fair.For China(Guangzhou)Funiture Fair ,there are two phases.First phase is mainly for h...
November 10,2017

Double Furniture Exhibitions Ended Perfectly In Pudong,Shanghai

Many home furniture manufactures published their new items by the platform of Shanghai Furniture Fair.Also one of the trends is home furniture factories are becoming more felixible.They change their systems to satisfy the d...
November 10,2017

The Design Principle For Hotel furniture and Restaurant Furniture

Hotel furniture design company must improve their design ability with the common people's taste improving.Hotel furniture manufactures should also understand the design essence and then can know how to make hotel furniture sati...
November 10,2017

Amazon is entering into Home Furniture Market

E commerce marekt for home furniture market is growing rapidly.Many China home furniture manufactures and contract furniture manufactures have got invitation from Amazon.
November 10,2017

New Chinese Style Furniture developed by Artech Win Awards In Shanghai Fair.

Artech's main task is to produce custom made furniture for hotel ,sample house and other commercial club.This time,Artech did a favor to that home furniture factory to develop one series of new Chinese style furniture,which w...
November 10,2017

Tea room Furniture is entitled with Zen Culture

Especially in south China such as Guangdong province,almost every house ,every factory,every company has a room for tea inside which one set of tea table and tea chair stand.Recently tea culture is mixed with Zen culture.The tea...
November 10,2017

New Challenge To China Furniture Manufactures:EU Published New Standard For Green Furniture Purchase

Alghouth the standard of green furniture procurement is a voluntary stipulation,it still points out the direction and trends for Chinese furniture manufactures that furniture should be more and more environment -friendly.
November 10,2017

Hotel Furniture Means Hotel Plus Furniture

By displaying famous Denmark designer's furniture in Finn Juhl hotel,Finn Juhl hotel forms its own charm.All the hotel furniture including hotel bedroom furniture ,lobby furniture is Scandinavia style furniture.
November 10,2017

Overseas Luxury Furniture Challenges China Home Furniture Manufactures

Facing the situation that oversea high furniture brands come to dig gold in China and campaign in China market high profile and fast pace,China small and medium furniture manufactures are filled with mingled fear and hope.The ...
November 10,2017

Home Furniture Manufactures With Unique Characters Can Survive In China

Therefore,in furniture agents’ opinion,under the current market layout,a number of traditional solid wood furniture manufactures has a embarrassment situation.Upward,hard to get recognition of high end market,downward,cost is n...
November 10,2017

Italy Luxury home Furniture Bottega Veneta entry into Tiamantti Collection

For Chinese consumers, of course, it is good that they can have more choices.But for China high end furniture makers, it means there are more competitions,which drive them to improve quality and service by learning from those ...
November 10,2017

Custom Furniture Manufacturers Befenit From The Outbreak Of The First Year

Now the new trend is that all the custom home furniture manufacturers intend to produce comprehensive home furniture instead of only one or two typies,For example, wardrobe factories or kitchen cabinet factories begin to expand ...
November 10,2017

Hilton Hotel Will Close- Reshuffle of Hotel Industry Influences Hospitality Furniture Manufacturers

With the development of China luxury hotel industry,the competition become more and more serious,which is illustrated by the retreat of Hilton Hotel in Shanghai.The reshuffle means some hotel furniture suppliers lost their cus...
November 10,2017

Design Concept For Beijing Hotel Building and Hotel Furniture In Belarus

The building design and 5 star hotel furniture design of Minsk Beijing Hotel fully reflects the full integration of the excellent culture from two countries through deeply study and abstracting two countries’ culture and integrates ...
November 10,2017

Three Forces Drive The Industry Of Hotel Furniture And Home Furniture

Each one has furniture at home.Behind a beautiful furniture, there are three forces:design, enterprises and production.In the history of Chinese traditional furniture,the power of design is not so important and craftsman is just craf...
January 19,2018

Natuzzi launches products in John Lewis

John Lewis is one of the most highly-respected and forward-thinking retailers in the world, with the appropriate business platform and technologies to build a successful programme.

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Country Garden Sample House Furniture in Jiangxi Province

Country Garden Sample House Furniture in Ji...

This is one sample house for the sample apartment house in Country Garden Group in Jiangxi province.We supply all the furniture including the living room furniture, bedroom furniture and ...

Evergrand Communnity Sample House in Shenz...

Design company made all the design for decoration, furniture.Artech made all the furniture for living room,dining room and bedroom.
Evergrand Communnity Sample House in Shenzhen

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