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First China(Dongguan) International Home Furnishing Exhibition

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First China(Dongguan) International Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition Fair Opened

August 11The First China(Dongguan) International Custom Home Exhibition were officially kicked off in the exhibition center of Houjie town.It was reported that the exhibition area is 45,000 square meters,among which Hall 1 is boutique furniture and Hall 8 is for whole custom made furniture for whole house.

custom furniture fair

As the organizing committee which has held 37 Famous Furniture fair in the recent 19 years,it launches a customized furniture factory fair in the full sense,which will promote the new era of customization for home furniture.The committee believes current home furniture demand is in the eye of a storm thus the Famous Fair committee organized China(Dongguan)custom home furnishing fair in line of the development of times as the sister show of Famous Furniture Fair

Because the committee not only see the vigorous development of custom furnishing ,but also grasp the pulse of continuous integration development of upstream and down stream furniture industry.According to the trend that full house customization concept is favored by design,production,consumption and other industry segments,committee leads and push the healthy and fast development of custom finishing by creating the custom finishing fair platform.

Once the China(Donggua) Inernational Home Furnishing Fair come to the world,it attracts the attention from the industry because here there are not only many brand such as Oppein,Suofeiya,Shangpinzhaipei,Weyes,Holike,Snimay,Kefan,Paterson,Diamo,Cacar ,which transformed into leading enterprises in customization industry from wardrobe and kitchen cabinet field, but also many brands such as Landbond,Dickson,Zhongzhixin,OOD,Vokei,Kaviar,D&C,Artech ,which transformed into customization industry from finished furniture.These furniture factories brings out best in each,showing not only rich dishes for public consumption ,but also private exquisite ‘private food’.All these satisfied the customization demand for different consumption groups.

custom furniture fair 2

Zengyong ,from the Guangdong Customization Furnishing Association, said the association began cooperation with the committee from the first China(Dongguan) International Customization Finishing Fair and will continue the cooperation.Both the association and the committee have influence in furniture industry.They are ideal partner for each other.The first cooperation became the industry benchmark and focus of attention.

Zengyong believes that custom home furnishings has a very mature system in sales and customer service while traditional finished furniture enterprises have its own advantages in production technique and development.Combined together,they can learn each ,promote each other.Finally the integration of custom home furnishing industry will be promoted.

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