With the development of economy ,more and more presidential suites are set up.Of course, the competiion is more and more serious.The hotel with unique characteristic can win the game.Furniture is very important part of the presidential suite,so the design of the furniture inside will be very critical.

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What Is Hotel Presidential Suite And What Furniture Inside ?

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Question:What is hotel presidential suite?

Answer:Presidential suite is a luxury guest room of high star hotel used to receive foreign state head or senior business representatives and other VIP guests.Since its luxury style and high price, it is called the presidential suite.Also the furniture inside the presidential suite is very luxury.

Hardware In presidential

In the presidential suite,there are one master room and one guest room,each of which has one bathroom,one lounge room and one living room.Inside the presidential suite,it is very safe and comfortable with complete functions and luxury furniture for presidential suite.There are central air conditioning,CCTV and satellite TV,domestic and international direct dial telephone as well as internet and other entertainment service equipment with most luxury hotel furniture inside.

luxury hotel furniture

Target Customer

Presidential suite is the most luxury guest room of 5 star hotel and bears the accommodation conditions to host foreign heads and government officials.Although it is called presidential suite,actually most of the time, it is used to receive general managers of big groups,rich business men and movie stars.

Named with president,it always looks noble, dignified and mysterious when making people enjoy the luxury room.To residents,as long as the guests are willing to pay several thousands even tens of thousands of dollars for one night,even the ordinary citizens can enjoy the treatment of presidential level.To hotel,presidential suite is the most luxury room used to host best distinguished guests.Presidential suite is not owned only by 5 star hotel.Some hotels which are not big,especially the boutique hotels developing very quickly in recent years,also set up presidential suite according to their needs.

Combination Design

Generally in terms of presidential suite, the combination of double sets is adopted including president room and his wife room,each of which has cloak room,study room and bathroom while the living room and the restaurant with kitchen equipment which is for some guests who have their own cookers are shared together.Some presidential suites have gyms,swimming pool ,bar and private garden.More high end presidential suite even has reception room and meeting room,which are strictly separated from the presidential life room.

Safe Passage

The presidential suite has special lanes ,entrance and exit and elevator.The traffic line should be not only unblocked but also easy for evacuation and isolation.

Presidential suite need enough high end source of guests.Owing to the low rent rate,common hotels doesn’t set up it.In Guangzhou ,the hot season for presidential suite is the Canton Fair period,when the price is huge high.The presidential suite can not only  show the the enterprise strength the guests represent but also be a good location for displaying products, business activity and entertaining the business partners ,which will bring more business opportunities for companies.

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Introduction of Some Presidential Suites.

Inter Continental HongKong.The presidential suites opened recently and is the most luxury presidential suite in Asia.It has five bedrooms and 7000 square meters at the cost of 2.5 billions of dollars.The price for one night is up to twelve thousand USD.

Although the price is astonishing,its equipment is so luxury and fastidious that the management of this hotel has big confidence on it.As early as half a year before it opened,it had been booked by guest.Inter Continental Hongkong is popular because of its spectacular scenery and enjoy the reputation of one of the top best hotels in the world.Inside the presidential suite, there is one loft living room equipped with double glass.Here you can see the full scenery of Victoria Port and Hongkong island.The design and material of the living room is very strict.The presidential suite furniture is very expensive.Only the sofa in the living room is worth USD10000 and the price of 8 automatic landing curtains reaches up to USD50000.Alll the hotel bedroom furniture is remarkably expensive.Besides five bedrooms,there are gyms,conference room and 2500 meters of private platform garden,which bears the advantage of location and scenery.The outdoor swimming pool and massage pool with a full harbor view.You also can make an appointment with a tutor of Yoga or Tai Chi to enjoy the integration with the nature in the noisy city.The suite supplies the most intimate and honorable service including housekeeper of 24 hours,luxury car service of Phantom Vi Rolls Royce,Bentley or Mercedes from and to airport.The cost has been included in the rent cost.It is worth mentioning that the suite can be used to entertain guests and hold a cocktail party with 60 people.Such capacity is unique in Hongkong,But the minimum consumption is forty five thousand USD for the food and location.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

This presidential suite was built at the proposal of Dubai crown prince.It is so luxury that the critics think 5 star hotel is not enough to describe its luxury,so called it seven star.Here you can experience the really resplendent and magnificent palace.The square meter of  the guest room varies from 170 square meter to 780 square meter.The minimum room cost is USD900 and the highest price for the presidential suite is USD18000.

5 star hotel furniture

President Wilson,Geneva.

This hotel is located beside the Geneva lake,close to the most beautiful street of River Street,back against the golden business area,which makes guest enjoy peace in the noisy city.65% of the total rooms bears the scene of graceful lake and Mount Blanc.This hotel was decorated with fine marble and fastidious wood with modern art style.The emperor suite of President Wilson,Geneva was rated as the hotel suite with highest price worldwide in 2003 by Forbes Magazine because of the price of forty five thousand Swiss francs.Today, it takes twenty three thousand USD for each night.

Although the imperial suite is very expensive,there are a lot of customers for whole year.Most of them are Swiss.The average income of Swiss has been more than forty five thousand Swiss francs.Inside the suite, there are four bedrooms two conference room (one is bigger and one is smaller).The bigger one can contain more than 40 persons.There are four private toilets and two public toilets.Outside is the independent restaurant that can accommodate 30 persons at the same time.Inside the suite, there is not only the antique European style wood furniture but also the typical oriental new style furniture.Each room has different style to cater to different guests with different hobbies.President Wilson Hotel sets up 6 bathrooms for the guests to choose as much as they like and enjoy the massage bathtub and Sauna,loosing the bones and delete fatigue.

The private cocktail bar of Imperial suite can hold parties of  40 persons.You alocan can enjoy the romantic night beside the Steinway piano taking the Alps and River Geneva as the background.Suite also makes the most comprehensive consideration for the safety of the guests.The suite covers the whole floor of this hotel with all the windows and doors bulletproof.At the same time,the suite is equipped with dozens of 24 hours CCTV surveillance cameras making the guest free of worries.The thing which is especially worth mentioning is Geneva President Wilson Hotel is the few hotels that have staff who can speak Chinese at the receptions.

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Athens Royal Suite

The room cost of Athens Royal Suite:USD25,600

The royal suite of Lagoniss Resort is the the leisure resort that only descendants of Greek king of ships,their competitors and other few rich men can afford.Actually this resort is a independent villa with one double bed room ,restaurant and private massage room.There is an entrance in the kitchen for private staff.In addition, the independent swimming pool,sauna room are equipped.Also there  are a business center and private dock for the tenant to berth.

furniture for presidential suite

Bahamas Suite

The price for Bahamas Suite is USD25,000.The reason why this expensive suite is called bridge suite is that the 10 rooms just combines into a bridge in the middle of two twin towers of this hotel and the modelling is very fashionable,lively and eye-catching.The bridge suite is managed by special person and it is equipped with bar,entertainment center and kitchen.The thing that worth mentioning is that it has independent man and women bathroom for man or women to choose.

five star hotel furniture

Cannes presidential suite

The price for Cannes presidential suite is USD21000

What Martinez Hotel prefers showing off is the two biggest, most expensive presidential suites with roof terrace in Kurt Zazuer area.These two loft suites are located in the attic with the terrace 2000 square feet which can accommodate 110 persons and here you can overlook the whole Cannes Bay and the islands around.The decoration of the suites reveals the the taste of art.The two suites are equipped with bathroom, kitchen and private sauna room.

Shanghai Presidential Suite

The biggest presidential suite.Among the hotels chosen by APEC,the biggest presidential suite covers almost the half of the 21 floor.This presidential suite is made of three colors,white,blue and red.Each color includes one bedroom,one living room and one bathroom.Besides,there is one restaurant for the guest.when first entering into such suite, visitors seems visiting the endless rooms,one with one, like a maze.The main design is south European style.The most amazing thing is the small ornaments and handcrafts everywhere.It is said that those were purchased from Spain and bear exotic features.

The highest floor of presidential suite.The highest presidential suite is called Chairman suite.This chairman suite is extraordinary because there is no any other designs which can integrate the luxury of modern style,home ambience and artistry so perfectly.Until now the suite has not accommodate the president in a real sense.But the famous world-class celebrities and politicians such as Kissinger,Li Jiacheng ,including Clinton after leaving office had stayed here.

The presidential suite with best scenery.The presidential suite with best scenery is beside the Huangpu river.When the curtain is drawn aside,the room is facing  the Yanan road across the river.Here you can overlook the best section of the Bund scenery.The journalist visited here in daytime, so imagine it was at night and you were admiring the magnificent building lights across the river and the ships shuttling in the river silently,how can the charming night not move you?

The presidential suite with the most Shanghai style.The style of the presidential suite in Puxi reflects the traditional custom of Shanghai at the turn of the century.There are all kinds of classical ornaments full of anima,which combines the Chinese art and  handcrafts to create the indoor theme which is not only traditional but also westernized.

luxury hotel furniture

In recent years,the hotels in big cities set up more and more presidential suite and there is a development tendency towards the medium size cities.It was reported that some counties also already had presidential suite.This phenomenon is worth paying attention to.

The presidential suite means it is used to host the foreign heads or high business representive.As a big country, especially today with close relationship of global economy,politics and and culture,it it natural that there are presidential suites in big cities of development economy.It is the needs of the situation.For that we have not reason to blame.But if we learn it carefully ,then we think the problem is not so easy.

Firstly,how big demands for presidential suite?As long as we count the number of the visiting presidents and the roughly equal VIPs,we can know that the supply exceed the demand dramatically.Even in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai,the usage rate is not so high.According to statistics,The presidential suite in Wangwujin area,the occupancy rate is around 27%,not to mention the medium and small cities.Some places have never see even the shadow of a president since the open of the presidential suite.

Second, how many persons can afford the presidential suite?Since the cost of the presidential suite is very high with luxury equipment,furniture and service,its average room cost is around USD1200 or higher to USD1500.Such high price, even for the wealthy foreigners,they will think about it ,not mention to common tourists.

That raise one question:In those medium and small cities, there are not consumption group who can consume the presidential suite but they still have enthusiasm to built such high consumption places,what secrets inside ?

As long as some investigation is carried on, then you will find that the most of the guests that can afford the presidential suite are the Chinese who don’t need to pay by themselves.In recent years, the noun of presidential suite appears frequently in the case of corrupt officials,from which we can find the answers.The former mayor of Shenyang city,Mu Suixin,asked to stay i presidential suite when he was on business travel.Cong Fukui,the member of the standing committee of Hebei Provincial Party committee and the vice governor went down the grass root units to have a inspection,he will not stay until there is a presidential suite.If there is no,his staff had to look for it in neighboring counties.According to their regular income, they can not afford so high consumption,Obviously they took public spending as the capital of enjoyment,otherwise they stayed free(actually it was not free,but others provide the opportunities of free accommodation ,in which, there are exchange conditions)So such presidential suite became the bed of corruption,soil of degeneration and the places for bribery in a disguise form.A lot of officials degenerated step by step from here,finally were thrown into prison or even worse.

Nowadays,the central committee of CPC rings the alarm of two Musts and the struggle against corruption is proceeding deeply. The author believes that it is necessary to analyze the trail of the cadres corruption scientifically and find the origin of occurrence and development so that our party can govern from the source and check the erroneous ideas at the outset.

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