Teak wood has a lot of advantages such as beautiful texture, golden shiny color,durability,toughness and so on.But because of its scarcity and high price, in recent years, it is mainly used for outdoor furniture.Only for very high end indoor furniture, teak is adopted.

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Is it good for hotel furniture manufacturers to make furniture with teak wood?

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    Questions:Is it good for hotel furniture manufacturers to make furniture with teak wood?

    Answer:First of all, teak is very precious:it takes at least 100 years for wild teak tree to grow big enough.In natural environment,best places have only 1 to 5 trees in each mu.The natural fragrance of teak make human refreshed and very good for elder’s brain nerves.

     Second advantage of teak is that teak is very sturdy and durable with very excellent texture.Teak bears the character of weathering resistance which actually can be found within the first 10 years of usage.During that period,teak hotel furniture can keep its beauty as always.Some person prefers maintaining furniture by polishing agent.Such effect is very different from the teak hotel furniture that is not weathered.You will be astonished for its long term good quality and better beauty.

teak cabinet

    The third advantage is the least contraction rate among all the solid woods:it was recorded that size of the galleon of zhenghe fleet reached 175 meters long ,65 meters wide and there were three teak hulls and 16 independent watertight compartments with a loading weight of more than 2000 tons of cargo.According to some documents,Chinese at that time knew the teak ship can resist the strong sunshine in the ocean and that the teak will not shrink even if teak was exposed to wind, rain and high temperature.That is the reason that many persons still like teak when repairing the ships.Just because of such small contraction rate of teak,it becomes the first choice for ship.

     The fourth advantage is that it is not easy to deform,corrode and crack.We can find this from many teak floor,Teak has very stable structure of micro pinhole which make solid teak floor bear strength,toughness and stability.Common hard wood will shrink a lot in winter after two years with the gap up to 3 to 4mm while in summer,the floors will expand,resulting in big loosening sound.However the teak floors are very stable with very small gap.

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      The fifth advantage is that the texture of teak is very exquisite and graceful:graceful ink line,colorful oil shadow.After whole installation,there are various natural textures

       The sixth advantage is that teak has high rate of oil ,thus the longer time you use it,the smoother it becomes.The hotel furniture made of teak bears very smooth and exquisite surface because the oil on the surface is protecting the burnish of the teak furniture and making it last long time.At the same time,the fragrance given off by this oil keep a lot of insects back from coming close.

Because of the heavy moisture in south east Asia and large quantity of insects and ants,teak furniture can avoid a lot of trouble.What astonished people is that the outside layer of oil will not vanish with time,on the contrary,teak furniture will become more and more bright.It is also very convenience to maintain the teak furniture with water.The teak furniture sold in domestic is added on layer of plant lacquer,which can protect the oil and increase the gloss.

      The seventh advantage is more and more golden.The amazing thing is that its surface can become golden through photosynthesis and color will become more beautiful with time.

       The disadvantages of teak hotel furniture:Since there is huge demand of teak, the teak in the market is very different from each other,it is hard to judge if they are real or not.For example, the black Manglietia, Golden Teak and Tecton grandis L.F. are also mixed in the market to pretend to be teak.At the same time, many furniture use teak as the main material but the accessory parts such as the back board and the bottom board are replaced with other wood even man made wood.

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