2 seater chairs for Coffee Shop - Restaurant Furniture


The design concept of this 2 seater chair matches with Artech phhilosophy about furniture:Beauty,Practicality,Safety,Comfort and Fashion.

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2 seater chairs for Coffee Shop
  • 2 seater chairs
  • 2 seater chair

2 seater chairs for Coffee S...

2 seater chairs|Coffee shop chairs|Restaurant chairs

  • Material:

    Solid ash+ply wood+fabric
  • Product description:

    It borrows many elements from China chair,wishbone chair and cow horn chair and then create this fresh ...

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  • Details

      This 2 seater chair was designed by one Singapore design group,who adheres in the harmony of the function and the form and emphasizes the practicality,safety,comfort,beauty and fashion.This 2 seat chair perfectly conveys its design concept.To design this chair, they must deeply study the chairs designed by Hans Wagner who designed China chair, Wishbone chair, Kennedy chair,cow horn chair and so on.At first sight of this two seater chair, you always think that you seems to see it before somewhere but you can’t remind.The designer really absorbed the essence from the design of Hans Wagner.It borrows many elements from China chair,wishbone chair and cow horn chair and then create this two seat chair which can catch people’s eyes quickly.The shape is concise and clean conforming to the international aesthetic standard and also it is very practical with a wide range  of use as dining chair in house,coffee shop chair ,restaurant chair and meeting chair in public occasion.

two seat chairstwo seater chair

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