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As a professional custom home furniture factory, it is very easy for Artech furniture to produce this dining chair,which is easy for production and is a affordable dining chair for common consumers.

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Upholstered dining chairs
  • upholstered dining chairs
  • upholstered dining chairs

Upholstered dining chairs

Upholstered dining chairs|Restaurant Chairs|Coffee shop furniture

  • Material:

    solid ash+fabric
  • Product description:

    This dining chair has a simple elegance.With plump seat and backward inclinded backrest, it furnish you w...

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  • Details

      This upholstered dining chair was designed by one Singapore design group,who adheres in the harmony of the function and form and is good at  designing the modern concise furniture full of vitality.The modern furniture it designs not only conforms to the fashion degree of modern city life,but also has strict requirements to safety,health,and durability and so on. The modern furniture it designed is widely recognized worldwide,especially popular with young consumers.

       Coincidence of modern furniture design and modern life is reflected in the resonance of style,perfection of function and consideration of details.This upholstered dining room chair reflects this very perfectly.In terms of the appearance of this upholstered dining room chair,this dining chair bears simple elegance.Its plump seat and backward inclined backrest furnish human with a great comfort. Anyway,this shape of this dining chair is concise and clean with soft color,conforming to the international aesthetic standard.Besides,this solid wood dining chair caters the practical need and can be used as dining room furniture,cafe chair ,restaurant chair and meeting chair in companies.

upholstered dining chairsupholstered dining room chairs

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