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With the development of market economy,consumers’ good education background and increasingly individualized value raise the expectation to home furniture and commercial furniture.Furniture market has entered into the marketing phase of product segmentation,market segmentation,business circle segmentation.The marketing of China style furniture begins to extend gradually to home culture.Enterprise specialization,product serialization,market differentiation will be the trend of furniture industry.Under this historical background,new Chinese style furniture is put forward and leads the trend of furniture design including home furniture and commercial furniture,which we can find out from the Shanghai Furniture Fair.

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New Chinese style armchair
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New Chinese style armchair

New Chinese style armchair|Solid wood lounge chair

  • Material:

    Solid wood walnut+Foam+fabric
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    Artech is a custom home furniture manufacture in Guangdong Province,who produced a lot of new Chines...

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New Chinese furniture inherits the essence of Tang,Ming,Qing dynasty by abstracting and enriching its classic elements and changes the feudalistic ideas about hierarchy,seniors and juniors in the original space layout,inputting new breath to the traditional home culture.Especially new China traditional furniture deletes the disadvantage that traditional furniture is good looking but not practical,good for mind but not good for body.Coupled with the feature that its display is very flexible in the house with different layout,it is being accepted by more and more people who preferred buying Chinese style furniture instead of contemporary home furniture.

As for this lounge armchair, it is typical wood chair that combines the elements from modern furniture with the elements from classic tradtional furniture.Golden color is added to the backrest and leg of this accent chair,yellow green color makes this oriental vitalized and looks young.

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