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Versace Vanitas Armchair Replica

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Versace Vanitas Arm Chair
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Versace Vanitas Arm Chair

Versace Arm Chair|Luxury Dining Chair

  • Material:

    Solid Beech+Fabric
  • Product description:

    This Versace vatitas armchair is very luxury.Artech made this high end dining chair for one Villa in Sh...

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  • Details

This Versace vatitas armchair is very luxury.In Vanitas product series, another Vanitas chaise lounge is also included.Artech made this high end dining chair and lounge chasie for one Villa in Shanghai.Versace is a very luxury brands producing wide range of luxury products including Jewelry,perfume,furniture and so on.In China, more and more Chinese become rich,they want to decorate their homes with luxury furniture with different flavor.Versace,Fendi,Armani,Bentely are their choices.As a custom made furniture factory&suppliers, we got more and more orders for such luxury brands replica.


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