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Modern Hotel Bedroom Set
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Modern Hotel Bedroom Set

Modern Hotel bedroom furniture set

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    As a high end hotel furniture factory, Artech can make all kinds of hotel bedroom furniture including mod...

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Artech made this set of modern hotel bedroom set for Foshan Louvre Sofitel Hotel in Lecong town,Shunde District,Foshan city,Guangdong province.Sofitel hotel was designed by one Hongkong Cheng Chung Design Office.This hotel has 325 hotel bedrooms including suites.There are four design styles including modern,postmodern,new-Chinese style anf French style.Since this hotel is beside the Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center,the design company made full use of this resources.Many decorations such as lighint, carpet,even some furniture were purchased directly from the showroom in the Louvre Exhibition Center.Also the exhibitor also took the hotel as a place showing their products.That created a new business mode for each other.

Simple lines and big color block are adopted to outline the new styel hotel bedroom full of the times and the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities are deleted, making the hotel bedroom elegant and bright. Semi open bathroom design is very trendy. The simple and biright bedroom is apt for young customers,who can enjoy the quiet, leisure space with modern hotel furniture.


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